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Founded in 1996 in Sfax – a region most known for its beautiful olive trees in Tunisia – Société Driss Mohamed (Hereafter SDM) is a craft company that designs and manufactures kitchenware and decorative accessories. One of the distinctive features of its products is that they are made of olive wood, which is famous for its strength, magnificent beauty and compact composition.

SDM offers its customers the opportunity to discover impressive carvings the style of which is marked by the natural shape of the tree. It also offers a very diverse range of utensils in different shapes and sizes designed for multiple purposes, including serveware, dinnerware, kitchenware and decorative items. Its artisans are well qualified to design and manufacture works of art with highly valued cultural significance. Equally important, the utensils in question are not only durable but also eco-friendly and have anti-bacterial properties, and in this sense they have a crucil advantage over steel and mainly plastic items.

Our range of products has gone beyond the local market, reaching international markets such as Germany, Italy, the United States and Japan.


Olive wood

Olive wood is a natural product which is renowned for being resistant, very compact and very solid. Actually, olive trees have strong trunks and gnarled branches and have historically been greatly appreciated. From 776 BC to 393 AD the olive wreath, also known as kotinos (a branch of the wild olive tree), was the prize for the winner at the ancient Olympic Games. Further back in history, the justice crown worn by ancient Egyptian PharaohTutankhamun, who ruled Egypt from 1332 BC to 1323 BC, was made of olive wood.


in doing household chores, the dishes, spoons and other kitchenware items are sometimes rubbed with what the Phoenicians called the «gold liquid», a metaphor for olive oil in view of its ravishing color and brilliance.