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based in Sfax, the region most known for its beautiful olive trees in Tunisia. Since 1996, The DRISS company designs and manufactures products made of olive wood, famous for its strength, its very compact composition, very strong and magnificently beautiful.

the DRISS company presents a wide range of features and decorative needs. It focuses on art and craft skills to deliver masterpieces with high cultural value.

with DRISS company you will discover beautiful carvings whose style is marked by the natural shape of the tree.

the presence of our range has exceeded local market to penetrate markets such as Germany, Italy, United States, Japan.


olive wood

a product with a grate a grate added value… a wood known for its resistance, very compact, very solid,… a gnarled product with strong branches… with this wood was done the justice crown on the head of «Toutankhamon»… with this wood, crowns were braided to welcome the Greece and Roman heroes… it's this wood that, status of olive wood …


in the household, usages, we can rub the dishes, the spoons,… with the «gold liquid» as the Phoenicians called the olive oil for keeping it’s beautiful color and shining.